Tuesday, November 5

Our angel dog, Charlie

Charlie, our family dog of six plus years (he was eight), passed away yesterday afternoon.

The vet found cancer before cutting deeper for a full surgery, after we dropped him off the second time in two weeks. She advised to put him down. It was unexpected.

My husband & I were able to see Charlie, our first "child" together, somewhat lucid before he passed, & we said goodbye.

It was heartbreaking to let him go; a new brand of heartache I haven't experienced in my 36 years since Charlie is, I mean was, my first dog.

I ache at the loss of our constant & loyal companion. It's amazing how much you think about your dog throughout a regular day.

I'm glad we were able to see his last breath, his soul escape. Almost wasn't able to due to a work trip. Ended up rescheduling my flight literally at the last minute with major help from a wonderful co-worker.

Hard to let go of such a loving dog, especially with having two under age five.

Here's a pic from this summer of Charlie with our youngest.

It's sad she won't remember him; at least we have this memory captured to show her (and her sister) she has an angel dog named Charlie.

We love you, Charlie!!

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Sunday, November 3

Doing yoga with my five year old

Attempted yoga with my kindergarten girl today after not trying for a while.

We did about 15 minutes, off and on, and it was kind of fun too.

Guess we're ready to do this more!

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Monday, September 30



Read this blurb earlier today in the book, Don't Worry, Make Money. Right now during my day job, I'm working on a high profile, big project that is showing the best & worst of people, including myself. It's easy to feel like quitting, but we've come so far.

Perseverance Mantra:
Please give me the wisdom & strength to persevere. To take deep breaths and keep running the race.


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