Tuesday, November 5

Our angel dog, Charlie

Charlie, our family dog of six plus years (he was eight), passed away yesterday afternoon.

The vet found cancer before cutting deeper for a full surgery, after we dropped him off the second time in two weeks. She advised to put him down. It was unexpected.

My husband & I were able to see Charlie, our first "child" together, somewhat lucid before he passed, & we said goodbye.

It was heartbreaking to let him go; a new brand of heartache I haven't experienced in my 36 years since Charlie is, I mean was, my first dog.

I ache at the loss of our constant & loyal companion. It's amazing how much you think about your dog throughout a regular day.

I'm glad we were able to see his last breath, his soul escape. Almost wasn't able to due to a work trip. Ended up rescheduling my flight literally at the last minute with major help from a wonderful co-worker.

Hard to let go of such a loving dog, especially with having two under age five.

Here's a pic from this summer of Charlie with our youngest.

It's sad she won't remember him; at least we have this memory captured to show her (and her sister) she has an angel dog named Charlie.

We love you, Charlie!!

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Sunday, November 3

Doing yoga with my five year old

Attempted yoga with my kindergarten girl today after not trying for a while.

We did about 15 minutes, off and on, and it was kind of fun too.

Guess we're ready to do this more!

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Monday, September 30



Read this blurb earlier today in the book, Don't Worry, Make Money. Right now during my day job, I'm working on a high profile, big project that is showing the best & worst of people, including myself. It's easy to feel like quitting, but we've come so far.

Perseverance Mantra:
Please give me the wisdom & strength to persevere. To take deep breaths and keep running the race.


Friday, September 13

Joy & abundance

"Abundance is a joyful path."

Reminded today of this idea while flipping through Don't Worry, Mak Money, a book with short chapters featuring ways to enjoy working while also having financial success.

Working with joy keeps that God or Source connection going and strengthens it. Keeps the creativity flowing.

Now if I can just remember that. :)

I posted a few pics that reminds me of myself or others working with Joy.

- The girls in their matching Cross Country (CC) shirts reminds me of my dad who still coaches his HS team after retiring from teaching because he loves it so much.

- I'm really enjoying selling Thirty-One. Gives me an excuse to chat and catch up with old & new friends.

- my oldest helping me; fun to work together!

Thursday, September 5

Keep calm & carry on

Opened up the book "Don't Worry, Make Money" to this page, #77. It's my lucky number.

"Tell yourself today it's ok to relax. In fact it's downright important."

Also the start of the last of the two pages, below, reminds me not to let myself get distracted by others because it steals my creativity, which is #1 attribute CEOs are looking for today in people.


Sunday, September 1

A yoga-kind of Sunday

Harper in Baddha Konasana and Charlie chilling in Prone Savasana. 

Just a yoga-kind of Sunday. 

Use Deepak Chopra's Seven Spiritual Laws of Parenting law for Sunday to guide your day with your kids.

Sunday, July 28

Home sweet home

After traveling for my "day job" for the majority of the biz week & immediately turning around & driving to a relatively nearby destination last weekend, I was ready to be home this weekend.

I wrote this on our newly painted chalkboard wall in our kitchen the other day, & the expression still stands true today.

At the end of the day, or week, or trip, it's soooooo good to be home.

Friday, July 5

Have no fear

"If you knew who walked beside you at all times, you could never experience fear again."

A Course in Miracles 

Need to remind myself of this. I think I'm pretty good about knowing God is always there for me, which gives me comfort & assurance that all is well in my world. However, I could be better about praying.

Thank you Lord for your love & guidance. Amen.

Sunday, February 10

Friday, February 8

Just keep swimming

"When life gets you down, you know what you do?

Just keep swimming, just keep swimming, just keep swimming, swimming, swimming."

Dory, Finding Nemo - YouTube: http://youtu.be/CmyUkm2qlhA

In yoga and life, just keep breathing.

Saturday, February 2

Right here, right now

Yoga is about having balance and being present. Reminding ourselves literally to be right here, right now is practicing being in the moment. This allows us to live more and enjoy the small things more.

Being right here, right now in my daily life has brought more pleasure to my life. Even when the kids are screaming. And if they are, I just take a deeper breath.

TGFY (thank God for yoga)!

Tuesday, January 1

Happy 2013!

So two beautiful girls later, here I am. We were blessed with Harper Faith last December. Can't believe she's now one. And yes, Harper is a girl.

For 2013, focusing on the mantra: Live well.

As a working mom of two small kids while still teaching a few yoga classes a week, I rely on my yoga practice for good health. This year, I plan to focus on renewing my passion for writing and yoga while learning new techniques and ideas for leading a good life.

This month, I am focusing on Deepak Chopra's book The Seven Laws of Success of Yoga. I've had it for years and am excited to really focus on it's plan and see how it affects me.

The book says that there are seven laws of success, that when applied with yoga and focused on each day with the corresponding law, can really enhance and balance your life.

Tuesday is the law of Karma, cause and effect.

To apply this law ask yourself, "What will this choice bring me?" I asked myself this throughout my yoga asana practice (asana is Sanskrit for postures) at YG. Third time this week - total treat for me. :)

Since today is New Years, the teacher focused on stirring up tapas or our internal passion, fire. Pati talked about using our yoga practice like a burning bowl ceremony where we envisioned burning something we wanted to rid ourselves of while practicing. I imagined burning off extra weight. Ninety minutes later, I felt very blessed, inspired and whole. Totally ready and embracing 2013.

Cheers! Excited for the journey ahead.

TGFY (thank God for yoga)

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