Saturday, May 3

Laboring positions

A few Saturdays ago, hubby and I attended an all-day childbirth prep class. Even though it was tough to sit in a classroom half the weekend, I think it was definitely worth it for the information and better than having four of our evenings eaten up.

One portion of the class I really liked was going over the various laboring positions - I think it made it more "normal" to my husband. I had tried to talk to him about them before and he looked at me like I was crazy! Now we're taking the teacher's advice and trying a laboring position or two a day from a one sheeter we were given and see which ones seem most comfortable for both of us. Here's our favorites so far:

Friday, May 2

Packing the hospital bag for delivery

Today marks the beginning of my 37th week of pregnancy; I'm getting more eager and anxious for the baby's arrival. I began packing my bag to take to the hospital a few weeks ago, but I still keep taking items in and out of it. I just can't decide what to bring!

Found this great article from a Pampers ParentPages e-mail called
"Packing for Your Birth Experience" and thought other expecting moms would appreciate it. Includes a great list of items to pack not only for mom, but for hubby or birth coach, and baby.

Here's some things to pack you might not have thought to bring:
  • Chapstick and/or lollipops - with all the breathing, apparently dry mouth/lips are an annoyance that can be avoided for the laboring mama with these items.
  • Snacks for your hubby or partner
  • Back massager
  • Some kind of focal point (i.e., photo, figurine, etc.)
  • Lavender - a soothing smell
I have my hospital bag partially packed. Still debating whether or not to include a robe since it's so bulky; I'm assuming the hospital has a threadbare robe I could wear. Make sure you bring some toiletries for yourself and hubby to clean up since you'll be there two overnights.

Another item my sister-in-law recommended is to have a breast pump in case you're having issues with breast-feeding. I believe you can buy it from the hospital, but it will probably cost A LOT more.

Let me know if I'm missing anything else or if you have any other suggestions for the big day!

Thursday, May 1

Thank you family and friends!

I can't believe it's May and just 24 days (give or take) to go until baby!! OMG...

Surprisingly, I'm feeling more and more comfortable with the idea of being a mother. I've never been a kid person and have only changed about two or three diapers in my lifetime, but it's not rocket science, right? I have faith that my hubby and I will be able to manage, especially since we have such supportive family and friends - hint, hint! ;)

So today is Thursday and it's my blog day to give thanks! I wanted to thank my mother-in-law, sister-in-law and pal Lindsey for an amazing baby shower this past weekend. And thank you to all our family and friends who attended and were so generous. It was a wonderful time just seeing everyone and celebrating the upcoming birth of our little one!

I've included some photos from the party.

Wednesday, April 30

Nesting, but maybe in the wrong place!

So I've slacked a little bit with the blog. I hope none of you are worried about me - probably knew I was away! LOL! All is well - approaching the 37th of week of pregnancy so I'm tired and big and just slacking in general. Actually that's not true... I think I've been nesting; not so much for the baby but wanting the house in order.

On Sunday, I got a wild hair that I HAD to decorate our backyard, screened-in porch before baby. It basically was a lost, grungy hole attached to the back.

A few weeks ago, we went to World Market for a living room rug to make our wood floors softer for laying down "Ducky", and it had a ton of cool outdoor stuff. When we moved into our house last summer, my mother-in-law had given us white, wicker chairs that needed a fresh coat of paint (especially after we let them sit outside all year long) and some new cushions. World Market had the cutest cushions that fit and I thought might work. They then inspired me to spray paint the chairs a sage green to match a side table I also purchased at the retailer, plus an outdoor rug with orange stripes.

The chairs still need a little more paint at the bottom, but I'm excited with how it's turning out so far. I'd like to stain the cement as well (probably after baby), but hubby is saying it's harder than I realize. Must research. But for now, at least we have a little haven outside. Looks like an ideal yoga oasis as well!

Sunday, April 27

Hometown baby shower photos

Photos from hometown baby shower:

Earlier this month, long-time friends Shannan and Christine threw me a beautiful, baby shower. It was so much fun (yes, baby showers can actually be fun!) and wonderful to see everybody. Everyone was extremely generous, and I came back home feeling so much more ready and prepared for the baby. Thank you to all for attending! It was a great time.

My friend and baby shower cohost Christine and her baby Ellie.

From left to right, my mom's good friends Kathleen and Barb, plus long-time family friend Trudy.

My mom and I on the left and below, ,my mom and I again plus my friend and cohost Shannan and her mom Nancy.

Me holding up a blanket my friend Christine's mom Sue, pictured below with her grand baby Ellie, made for the baby and the cake.

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