Saturday, June 28

Lullabies I sing

I grew up singing in the church choir and am so glad I did now so I have songs to sing to my baby as she falls asleep or when she's fussy.

I believe this is a kyrie that our pastor used to sing at the end of the service - I really love the lyrics. I even said this one day at the end of my yoga class, although I totally spaced out on the words for a moment because I spoke the words instead of singing them.

I'll share more lullabies in future posts.

As you go on your way

As you go on your way, may God go with you
May God go before you to show you the way

May He go behind you to encourage you
beside you to befriend you
above you to watch over
within you to give you peace


Tuesday, June 24

Try this Postnatal yoga DVD

I wasn't aware of the DVD Postnatal yoga by Shiva Rea until a week or two after Brijin was born. Added it to my Netflix queue soon after and practiced the first two segments of it about four times now in the past week. It's very easy going, which is just what a woman needs after giving birth. Plus it's targeting the abs and the back - key areas postpartum. It's been four weeks since I gave birth to my baby so I'm feeling more able to get back into exercise, but I still need to take it easy. (My doctor told me to wait six weeks until I get back fully into exercising, although she said four weeks might be doable, as long as I listen to my body.) I think this workout is a great way to segue back into fitness and into my yoga practice.

I'm a big fan of Shiva as well. She is a wonderful instructor; I really enjoyed her prenatal yoga DVD too. In fact, I rented it for a while through Netflix and eventually bought it since my husband was annoyed it was tying up one of our three Netflix DVDs. Her low-key and specific instruction are always helpful and calming. I highly recommend anything with her name on it.

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