Tuesday, March 18

One of my music playlists for yoga

Many of my YMCA yoga students comment about how much they love the music I play in class. I've created a few different mixes (I love the mixed tape! HA!), and last night I dug up one I hadn't played in a bit. A few people said how much they enjoyed it so I thought I'd share it today:

Yoga Mama's yoga playlist #1

  1. "Silent Morning" - Feng Shui: Music for the Harmonious Spirit
  2. "Imagine" - John Lennon, Imagine
  3. "Om Prelude" - Daphne Tse, Jala
  4. "In the waiting line" - Zero 7, Garden State
  5. "Conroy" - Cake
  6. "Let Go" - Frou Frou, Garden State
  7. "Sweetest Thing (Mahogany Mix)" - Lauryn Hill, The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill
  8. "I just don't think I'll get over you" - Colin Hay, Garden State
  9. "Save me" - Aimee Mann, Magnolia
  10. "Remembrance" - Benjy Werthemer, Jala
I am missing a couple songs in the middle from a CD my friend had loaned me that didn't copy over the artists or song names - sorry. Still a fairly solid yoga mix. Some songs do have words to them, so if you don't like having that in the background of your yoga practice, this mix isn't for you.


Anonymous said...

Thanks this is great compilation. I am definitely going to consider this for my next yoga class. By the way, I couldn't imagine doing yoga without music. Everyone is different though.

I'd like to hear more of your recommendations.

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Daphne Tse is perfect for Yoga. By the way, if you want the name of the songs and artists you didn't copy, you can gt them using auto-tag option from any music player, like Winamp or WMP.

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