Thursday, January 29

Do you know?

"Do you know how close you are to God?" - Seane Corn

As a new mom, it's hard to work in my own personal yoga practice in between a full-time job and teaching a few classes a week at the local YMCA. So for Christmas, I asked Santa for the DVD series "Great Instructors:Yoga Journal" because it's so much easier to pop in a DVD at a home versus making it to a yoga studio or even another Y class. So thanks to my mom-in-law, I mean Santa, I got the set of three DVDs with Baron Baptiste and Shiva Rea! I was especially excited to try Seane Corn's class since I've read about her in Yoga Journal magazine but had never heard her teach a class.

The video was a live, 90-minute class she taught while at a YJ conference. It's helpful to me as a yoga instructor to hear her style and see how she deals with her students during a live class. I also love to hear how various instructors word things, and she definitely had her own style and was very conscious of alignment, which I love to fine tune myself. Sometimes I have to watch myself when I'm doing my own practice because as a yoga teacher, I love to hear different ways other yoga instructors say how to move into a posture or asana, but it can also take away from my personal practice because I keep trying to commit to memory all the new phrases.

Anyhow, I've done about half of the DVD now and definitely enjoyed it. She goes much deeper into the power of thoughts than I've heard other yoga teachers do, which is refreshing and interesting to me since this is definitely an area I explore on a personal level but haven't really included in my own teaching. However, I do think Seane talks a little too much about it, when I just want to be still and not think about anything.

Seane said the quote at the very top, right after instructing camel three times in a row and then having her students place one hand on their heart and the other on their solar plexuses. It was definitely a cool moment and one I may have to borrow, once I get ballsy enough to do it!


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