Tuesday, March 17

Enlightenment for Idiots - really

I recently finished reading "Enlightenment for Idiots," which is a wonderfully fun fiction book for a yogini (or aspiring one!) to read. It's about a 29 year-old yoga teacher and writer (like moi, except I'm 31, but who's counting!) who is commissioned by a publisher to journey to India to write the book "Enlightenment for Idiots." Some surprises along the way that also highly resonated with a recent "adventure" in my life... but I won't completely spill the beans. :)

If you want to learn more about yoga, India and have lots of laughs while enjoying author Anne Cushman's prose, then this is a great novel to try. It was one of the first fiction books I've read since having baby (I'm such a nonfiction freak right now!). I think because it married my loves of teaching yoga and just plain silliness, it really struck home to me.

I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a witty and entertaining read, while also learning a little about India, yoga and enlightenment along the way.

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