Friday, June 26

Ten reasons I do yoga

  1. Makes me happy.
  2. Feels good. Plain and simple.
  3. Helped me out of depression, anxiety and a bad back.
  4. Connects me to ALL of me – body, mind and spirit.
  5. Releases stress, anxiety and tension.
  6. Connects me to all other human beings in a more compassionate and loving way.
  7. Tunes me into source or God so I may receive blessings more easily and frequently.
  8. Helps me sleep soundly through the night.
  9. Is my prescription for living a fuller, more even keel and healthier life.
  10. Offers a philosophy that resonates and guides me in making daily choices.
  11. Aids me in being the best mom, wife, daughter, sister, teacher, worker and friend I can be.

Tuesday, June 23

Yoga with or without music? Plus win free Yanni Voices CD!

Be one of the first three commenters on the question below AND win a free Yanni Voices CD. Include your first name in your comment and send an e-mail to with your name and mailing address.

Do you think music goes well with yoga or would you rather practice postures to the rhythm of your breath? If you like the combo, what artists, songs, etc do you like?

Creating a mixed tape (i.e., mp3, for you youngsters) is such a joyful process for me.

When I first began contemplating becoming a yoga teacher, one of the first thing's I did to prepare was create the ultimate, yoga mixed tape because I felt it was that important to the mood and ambience of my students' practice. And you know what, I received TONS of compliments on it! (Hint: lots of Sacred Well.)

So I was very excited when Universal Music Group contacted me to giveaway three of Yanni's latest CDs, Yanni Voices. Honestly, I was never a Yanni fan and was worried I wouldn't like it. Yet, I thought it was quite lovely, especially with the variety of voices (operatic to Sarah Mclachlan like) and styles.

Lots of tracks work well as a backdrop to practicing yoga postures, including all of the instrumental and some of the "voices" songs such as track #5, Before the Night Ends. Even made a new yoga mix for my class with five songs from Yanni Voices, which surprises me because I wasn’t expecting to resonate with it so much. He's currently in tour with four singers who contributed to the the 17-track album (now I'm really dating myself!).

So make sure to comment to win a free CD. It's that easy.

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