Thursday, August 19

Use a dry brush to wake up & fight cellulite

Aging for a woman apparently equates to being tired and having cellulite, right? Not necessarily.

Since incorporating the Eastern hygiene technique of dry brushing within my morning regimen a few years ago, I've noticed how much more awake I am in the morning. Plus the backs of my thighs seem to be hanging in. *grin*

Like yoga brings us into the present moment, dry brushing makes me more aware of my skin, which is our largest organ. So it's understandable we should have some a maintenance routine to encourage new growth and shed the old skin cells. Dry brushing also stimulates our lymphatic and circulatory systems.

I started reading about the technique in a few of my yoga and health books and finally broke down a few years ago and bought a brush at Whole Foods. Best habit I've picked up in a while.

Tips I've picked up in various places along the dry-brushing journey:
  • Brush in dircular motion, in direction towards your heart
  • Typically takes two to three minutes
  • Use a brush with natural bristles
  • Do so before you shower so the dead skin can come off (although it's not like you see it)
  • Dry brush earlier in the day since it is stimulating versus before bed
  • Enjoy the rush of awareness and awakeness afterwords

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