Saturday, February 14

Frustrated over Stork Craft crib recall

I remember how excited I was when I first made my crib choice, but now I'm starting to regret purchasing a Stork Craft crib due to the company being unresponsive to its recall.

In mid January, our Stork Craft crib was recalled. I actually received e-mail notice from Target since I ordered it online from the retailer, which I'm so grateful for since I don't really seek recall info. Figure it's better not to seek the negative, right? So kudos to Target! On Jan. 16, I sent an e-mail to Stork Craft due to its 800 number being busy, and I still have not received a confirmation response or the metal brackets to fix the crib.

Several times I called the Stork Craft's 800#, and even two weeks ago I kept receiving a busy signal. I ended up calling U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission and the man helping me couldn't get through the number either so I did file a report, but I still haven't received the replacement brackets. Apparently I have to give them up to 30 days after filing this complaint, even though I had already waited four weeks.

Anyone else out there having this issue? My baby hasn't been able to sleep in her crib for over six weeks now, and I'm becoming impatient and frustrated.

Please link or forward this to anyone you think may be having the same issue; the recall included ALL Stork Craft cribs over eight years so it's affecting a ton of people.

I want my baby back in her crib! At least acknowledge that my request for the replacement brackets have been received, Stork Craft. Let me know you're listening. I am truly looking for a solution.

Wednesday, February 11

A positive spin to the economy... really

Sick of turning on the news or opening a newspaper and seeing that the end of times is here? First step is to turn the news OFF!

Second step is to get another view point. Watch this video posted on White Mountain Yoga's Web site, which is an interview of the yoga studio owner (a former banker) with the most calm and positive take on our economy.

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