Thursday, February 7

More gratitude

Recently I posted about my gratitude for all the unexpected presents I've been given for our unborn baby.

Now I'm grateful for being given my first blog award - I'm so stoked! It's called the Excellent Blog award and was given it by fellow blogger of My Fertility Stories, which chronicles her journey of getting pregnant. Definitely check it out! She's very positive and upbeat when most in her situation might not be - I am definitely a fan. I told her we should just keep giving this back and forth. "You're great, no you're great, no you're great!"

I accept this acknowledgment with humility and pride. I haven't been doing this very long so it gives me motivation to keep plucking away on my keyboard, and that I'm not all alone in cyberspace.

"Gosh darn it, people like me." - Stuart Smalley.

Part of the acceptance of this award is to give the "E" award to 10 other blogs. Drum roll please...

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Many pertain to yoga, pregnancy, womanhood and motherhood or a combination of the topics - you can see where my head is! But each writer has a unique and entertaining voice, and I think they are all "E" for excellent!

Wednesday, February 6

Wanna know my secret?

Two sick days away from my corporate-day job, I ventured into work today through what appeared to be Siberia. Local school districts even called off school today due to the fierce snow.

By 11 a.m. I was exhausted. Who knew sitting in a chair was so much work, but my body wasn't used to being vertical since I've been down and out with the flu for four days. Luckily I found a sub for my yoga class tonight because I had no energy by 5 p.m. - thank you Anita for your help. I hope my yoga students will forgive me for being absent all week!

When I returned home this evening, I vegged out on the couch with my still-sick hubby. Our TiVo reminded me I had it record Oprah today to watch Louise Hay talk about the law of attraction and the secret behind The Secret. I was so excited to watch it - apparently Louise had been on Oprah 20 years ago to promote her book You can heal you Life, which is really auspicious considering she just released her movie with the same title. (Watch the preview of it below.)

Prompted by a Hay House e-mail, I wrote an e-mail to Oprah last week about how Louise's affirmations have changed my life for the better. I really believed I was going to be on Oprah (no joking!), but alas no call. I blame the flu for ruining my vibration with the flow of attraction! :)

Tuesday, February 5

Prenatal yoga video for Back Pain

Since I'm still not feeling well I thought I'd share another prenatal yoga video I found on Prenatal Yoga Center.

The practice is titled "Alleviating back pain with prenatal yoga" - try it out and tell me what you think.

Monday, February 4

Being sick is no picnic

My apologies for not posting for three days - I'm sure it ruined your weekend! HAHAHA! My goal when I first started this blog was to post something every day, but I haven't since Thursday! Shameful!

I do have a good excuse though. I've been sidelined by a miserable flu that sucks the life out of you from both ends, if you catch my drift. And on top of being pregnant - it's really been enjoyable. Especially waking up at 3 a.m. early Saturday morning to stomach cramps... very scary. I called my workplace's nursing hotline, and the nurse recommended I call my doctor on-call. Luckily the doctor called back quickly and said it sounded like the flu, which it is.

Still sick today and missed work and my yoga class - I was unable to find a sub myself so I hope the YMCA did. I hate when I can't find a sub, but all the people I know have classes on Monday nights as well. I did drop off a DVD of Baron Baptiste that is very similar in format so hopefully that helped fill the void a bit.

Now my husband is sick with Montezuma's revenge as well. Our dog Charlie is freaking out that no one has walked him in two days! I'm hoping I feel well enough to return to work tomorrow because I'm sick of being on the couch (yes, I am!). Until I feel safe leaving the comforts of my own restroom though, I will have to stay home.

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