Saturday, May 31

Welcome to the world Brijin Joy

I'm so sorry for keeping you all in suspense...

We returned home from a family of two to three from hospital with our new, baby girl Brijin Joy Wednesday night and have been tending to her needs since. I finally feel like I have a moment where I will choose five minutes of blogging over five minutes of sleep... Amazing.

She arrived at 9:04 p.m. on Memorial Day at a long and skinny 7.0 lbs and 20.5 in.

The first thing I noticed were her big lips. :) Later, with help from our friends and family who visited, we awed at her long fingers and gigantic feet! Not long after, my husband and I realized just how precious and scary taking care of this delicate, little life is and will be.

I have so much to catch you up on. I'd like to document so many things from the past week, if Brijin will let me sleep enough to think through it and have the time to type it out! LOL!

I want to share the following:
  • My birth plan compared to my labor story - how meditation and presence helped me through it
  • Naming our baby - Brijin is pronounced like Bridget but with a "jin" at the end (it's the Swedish version ... will tell you more about it later.
  • My hospital stay
  • My breastfeeding journey - boy, is it one! definitely a LEARNED experience and your first team effort with your child
  • Bringing home baby
  • Adapting our dog Charlie to our new bundle of Brijin Joy
  • Continuing to learn and feel confident taking care of our daughter
Please comment (hit comment button beneath post) and let me know if I left anything out that you want to know, and I'll fill you in on the details.

I've truly enjoyed sharing my pregnancy through my blog and plan to continue Yoga Mama as I journey through motherhood. My yoga practice will have to focus on meditation and breath for several weeks as my body returns back to normal, and I will try to incorporate yoga into my posts. However I'll have to admit I may be very baby focused for a while. :) And particularly on one special lady.

Monday, May 26

Heading to the hospital

I've been having contractions since Sunday but they were only 10-15 minutes apart and sporatic.

This morning, they began again and we're much more intense and have been between 2 minutes to eight minutes. It's been about five hours since they first started and I just called the on-call doc. She said go to the hospital - I hope this is it! I don't want to be crying wolf again.

So baby's may arrive one day late... I'll keep you posted!


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