Friday, January 25

Baby registry - I asked, you answered

Feeling much better about starting a baby registry! From soliciting advice a few days ago on my blog, to posting on a Facebook group for pregnant ladies (where I received a really good checklist), to e-mailing recently pregnant friends, I have come up with a fairly strong list. Below are key points for you, in case you're looking for tips as well.

Advice from friends:
  • Jumparoo (for the baby when it's older)
  • Swing that goes forward and back
  • Dr. Brown’s bottles - nine of the small (4 ou.) and nine of the large (8 ou.) bottles
  • Bottle warmer
  • Bathtub
  • Play pen or pack and play, one with a changing station on it
  • Mirror for your car so the baby can see you since he/she sits backwards
  • Bouncy seat that vibrates
  • Newborn sleep gowns with had hand covers
  • Sleep and play outfits
  • Diaper Champ
  • Gymini Melody Maker Play Mat
  • Wipe warmer - didn't scream much when diapers changed because wipes were warmed
  • Stroller system (car seat and stroller)
  • Car seat base (so you only need one car seat)
  • I was told not to register for blankets or clothes since a lot of people will buy those on their own.
I also listened to PregTASTIC podcast #72 - Registry Tips, Desired Gifts, and To Mini Van or Not? The must haves I picked up from listening:

  • My breast friend nursing pillow – take to hospital, even though "big contraption"
  • Bottles - Playtex drop-in
  • Stroller - Graco metro light; Bugaboo - expensive
  • Books with ratings of products - Baby Bargains & Consumer Reports
Here's a list of more generic items to put on the list:
  • onesies
  • burp cloths
  • towels & wash cloths
  • bibs
  • baby monitor
  • bottle cleaner
  • baby nail clippers
  • diaper bag
I'm still debating about where to register. For sure Babies R' Us, but I think I am going to register at Target, even if it is weird about returning items. I think we have to have one place that is convenient for people - maybe we'll just reinforce on the shower invitation to include the receipt (Is this kosher?). Someone else also said to remove registry items once purchased so the chances of duplication decreased.

Hope this is of use to someone and thanks to everyone who helped! Let me know if I missed anything.


Unknown said...

Hi Yoga Mama!! Thanks for reading my story on the "Back To Your Senses" blog. I don't think we have a "Aldi" in MA, but i am considering signing up for a CSA distribution this year, so we can get some fresh fruits & veggies into our diet. It is a little costly, but i think it will be well worth it.

Congratulations on the baby to come! I am excited to see you have a blog and i will be giving it a read!

Take care, Kristin :)

Anonymous said...

Hey there! I just came across your blog via BlogCatalog and I love it! My husband and I are struggling with fertility issues and actaully go in for our first IUI sometime next week, pending my follicles cooperate :o} and I have saved this outline of registry items for when the time comes we can finally take that incredibly FUN step! Thanks for the info :o}

I will definitely be back for more of your bloggy greatness!

A Yoga Mama is a Rama Mama said...

Thanks Kristin for checking out my blog and for sharing your story with the WWW. Too bad you don't have Aldi, but CSA sounds like a good alternative. I read your Jan. 24 post, which cracked me up about the changes at your office (totally understand... hate when I can tell someone changed my chair settings let alone switches it altogether!), and I also saw you're a yogini yourself. Hope you come back for more of my yoga "wisdom." HA!

Remember this: Change and trying something new is always difficult, but it just takes a first step...

"Faith is taking the first step even when you don't see the whole staircase."
- Martin Luther King Jr.

A Yoga Mama is a Rama Mama said...

Brandy - seeing your nice comments here and at BlogCatalog really made my day! I'm glad you enjoy!

I visited your blog - you are very focused on the positive and on having your baby, which is exactly where you need to be - it will happen.

I'm in a quote mood today!

"Hope is the ability to hear the music of the future; but faith is having the courage to dance to it today!"
- Unknown

Anonymous said...

Awesome!! great article, I really loved this article..

Unknown said...

wow that was nice.. i enjoy reading your blog.. its very nice that you have a blog about Baby Registry...

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