Monday, July 7

The Patriotism of Yoga

Obam-asana: Three Essential Yoga Poses for Michelle Obama is an interesting blog post about how Michelle Obama should try some yoga. I'm always a fan of ANYONE trying yoga, but this blogger is suggesting it to Mrs. Obama to allow the world to stop seeing her in a negative light.

As a big Obama fan and a yogini, I was drawn to this post, although I totally disagree that she has a negative image. She's a strong, intelligent and vibrant woman... isn't this what we want in a First Lady? My husband and I (and baby in belly) actually had the opportunity last November to see him speak in my hometown in Iowa right before the state's caucus, which he ended up winning and helped put him on the path to being the Democratic party's nominee. At the time I was a Hillary fan (and still am), but he impressed me immensely and made the decision much more difficult than I thought. I can't believe people who loved Hillary will vote for McCain because they are bitter - that's just PLAIN IDIOTIC! What the United States right now needs is a change agent and someone who cares about the common man; not just the billionaires like W. This is what Barack Obama is - please Lord allow Barack to win. He is what our nation, and the world, needs.

I digress ... this isn't a political blog, yet I am definitely rooting for Obama, and I'm greatly impressed by his wife. These days, I don't have much time to read things, but in my scan of the post, it doesn't actually sound very complimentary of her, which I totally disagree. However, I thought it was a clever way to tie in a yoga sequence.

Speaking of patriotism, the Fourth of July was baby's first big outing to the local zoo. KC had a gorgeous day - it was wonderful to walk around, but my dogs were barking towards the end. Today is my first official day that I can exercise (can't believe it's been six weeks) so I didn't think it would be too much.

Posted are a few shots from the day. Mommy and baby survived, thank goodness. We had our first public changing and during it a line formed of two other mommies and babies. Although the audience didn't deter us! Thank goodness.

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