Tuesday, June 10

Labor really isn't this bad...

This is too hilarious - take three minutes to listen.

My labor story is coming along and is definitely not as bad as this singer is painting it. In fact, it was really amazing how well it all went, minus the hour where I REALLY wanted that anestheologist to arrive. Hopefully I'll have the post written by tomorrow.

BTW, labor is doable, with the help of a beautiful epidural!


Anonymous said...

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pregnancy symptoms said...

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Aly said...

Hi Marjie!
One of your yoga teachers told me that you had a blog, so I wanted to check it out. My name is Aly and I'm covering your yoga classes while you're on maternity leave!!! Everyone misses you, but I am having fun, so take your time.
My email is alywakeley@yahoo.com

Yoga Mama said...

Hi Aly,
Glad you stopped by and THANK YOU so much for covering one of my classes. My blog isn't very focused on yoga these days but hopefully will return back that way sooner than later. Just checked out Shiva Ray's postnatal yoga DVD - pretty good and SLOW!

I'll make sure to send you an e-mail soon. Time on computer is lacking so hopefully soon means sooner than later!

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