Saturday, June 28

Lullabies I sing

I grew up singing in the church choir and am so glad I did now so I have songs to sing to my baby as she falls asleep or when she's fussy.

I believe this is a kyrie that our pastor used to sing at the end of the service - I really love the lyrics. I even said this one day at the end of my yoga class, although I totally spaced out on the words for a moment because I spoke the words instead of singing them.

I'll share more lullabies in future posts.

As you go on your way

As you go on your way, may God go with you
May God go before you to show you the way

May He go behind you to encourage you
beside you to befriend you
above you to watch over
within you to give you peace



Steph said...

She is just precious and you are too adorable!!!! LOVES

Yoga Mama said...

Thanks Steph - I love your new profile photo...

Going to check out your blog now to see how your yoga classes are going!

pkay said...

Look at the pretty baby! She is sooo cute and I love her little outfit. I love the song girl. Ture, True.

Clint said...

I always sang thm popular music or country songs. I think it has paid off cause now they are singing normal songs.

Susana said...

Hi, I love the song. Would you consider recoring yourself singing it formy blog?

cute baby btw :)


Susana said...

p.s if you sang it, it would help others learn the tune. You could do an audio recording or video. I can provide more instructions if you want.

and you don't have to be a pro, btw


Yoga Mama said...

Okay Susana, I guess I'm game. I found your direct e-mail on your site and sent you a note...

Ed & Kathy said...

This song was used as the closing of a wonderful program called "Lutheran Vespers" when Pastor Walter Wangerin was the speaker. We use it occasionally in church as the blessing at the end of the service.


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