Thursday, June 5

Preeclampsia - who me?

Yoga Mama and baby Brijin visited our respective doctors on Wednesday. Since going to the hospital to deliver, I had been having high blood pressure readings. After she arrived, I noticed tightness in my chest and a decent amount of pain when I was still in the hospital up until a few days later. My mom didn't remember having such a rough recovery after her deliveries, but I just figured it had been 30 years since she had been through it so she must have forgotten. Due to my high blood pressure readings, the nurse who released me said I needed to make an appointment with my doctor within a week. I ended up calling in to be seen even earlier due to tightness in my chest and swelling in my feet that felt bad enough where I couldn't stand.

My lab work ended up coming back with elevated levels of liver functioning; coupled with high blood pressure, signaled I had become preeclampsic. I still don't really understand it, but worst case scenario it could lead to seizures and poor organ function of both mother and baby (if she hasn't been delivered yet.)

So I'm taking it easy, at least as easy as Brijin Joy will allow!

UPDATE (6/6): By the way, Brijin did gain weight at her doctor's visit on 6/4. Went from 6.5 to 6.13 in 48 hours. Guess you shouldn't let sleeping babies lie! ;)


Marie said...

Yikes!! That's awful. You poor thing. I have to say, as a nurse and a childbirth educator, I never heard of post-partum preeclampsia.

Eat lots of high quality protein, little salt, fruits and veggies. Do your relaxation exercises and any guided imagery you do. Keep as much of a prayful state of mind as you can. You will be fine!

I realized I can send you a private message through the Blog Catalog. (Quite the rocket scientist I am!! lol) I'll send you my contact info in case you'd like to touch base.

Take care,
Marie :)

Yoga Mama said...

That would be awesome if you contacted me via Blog Catalog!

I didn't think of that either. I really appreciate all your advice. BTW, Brijin went from 6.5 to 6.13 (birth weight was 7.0) so all is well. I forgot to mention that in the post! There's my exhausted mind.

Back to bed while Brijin is still asleep.

Bets said...

You will be fine-your body has had a lot going on lately (understatement) and just finding its balance again. You looked fabulous on Tuesday and full of wellness! Keep doing what you're doing-you are awesome!

Yoga Mama said...

Thanks Bets!

"All is well."

Other good news. We are getting life insurance and the nurse was here today doing all the bloodwork and stuff. I only weigh nine pounds more than my prebaby weight on a GOOD day! So freaking happy about that!

uriel said...

Eating less salt or changing your activities during pregnancy doesn't reduce the risk. The best way to take care of yourself — and your baby — is to seek early and regular prenatal care. If preeclampsia is detected early, you and your doctor can work together to prevent complications and make the best choices for you and your baby.

Yoga Mama said...

Thanks Uriel for all the comments and advice! I probably should watch my sodium - I'm so bad at that.

KO Connie said...

I didn't know about having it after giving birth either until recently when a friend told me it happened to her. She said to get plenty of rest (um, yeah right!), feet elevated, lots of water, etc.

I hope it improves soon!

Yoga Mama said...

I guess my liver functioning levels have gone down so that's a good sign. Still can't stand much longer than a few minutes without pain in my feet. I'm worried to do even the smallest errands for fear that I will topple over or something. Guess I'll just keep taking it "easy" or at least stay homebound until that subsides.

No one ever warned me about the constipation either... My GOD! Stool softener is my new BFF!

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