Wednesday, July 2

New baby - will we ever be normal again?

Read this close-to-home blog post for any new parents: We Have a New Baby! Will Our Lives and Our Relationship Ever Get Back to Normal?

Better take a nap while the little booger is sleeping.

BTW, she's starting to smile at me, and no it wasn't gas! I kind of captured a few photos of the Kodak moment.


Nadine Fawell said...

A yoga client told me the first 30 to 40 years are the hardest, after that it's smooth sailing!
Needless to say he has two small children.

jb said...

O.J. Bergeron would like to hear from Yoga Mama. Send pictures, enjoy your baby!

Yoga Mama said...

Funny Nadine - yes I don't think we'll ever quite be "normal" again. I still make it hard on my parents and I'm 30!

I definitely need to write O.J. a letter - it's so weird to hear from him (or through his son I'm assuming??) because I've been doing his DVDs this past week since I've finally started feeling up to more of a yoga practice and missed his sequences so much. Be sure to tell him that and I'll send some photos soon but make him come on here every once in a while. Maybe try to convince him to get an e-mail address! I'm so much better at e-mailing!


Mac Screensavers said...

lol , some kids never become easy on her parents , till 50 :)

Anonymous said...

Hi from OJ

I"m at a friends house. She has email. I don't. I still live in the stone age and I don't believe in this crap. Use a pen and send me a real picture. Stamps are only 42 cents now. It's a real deal. Will do three new videos in the morning. I need your phone number. I have unlimited ATT LD. I live in a cave. Talk to you soon I hope. OJ

james said...

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