Monday, August 11

Happiness is a seed we sow

"Our happiness depends on the habit of mind we cultivate. So practice happy thinking every day. Cultivate the merry heart, develop the happiness habit, and life will become a continual feast."
` Norman Vincent Peale

So I'm trying to get back to my Meditation Monday posts. We'll see how well I stick to it! HA!

The quote above by Norman Vincent Peale is a great one to utilize during your meditation practice. About six or seven years ago, I discovered Peale when I was looking for a motivational quote to scribe onto an internal premium giveaway my workplace at the time was going to give away to employees. I can't remember the specific quote (different from the one above that I received the other morning through my daily quote e-mail), but it led me to Peale's book "The Power of Positive Thinking." It really helped me believe in myself when I worked in sales, and I saw how my thoughts shaped my life. It's been a while since I dusted off that book - may be a good time to reread it!

Let's use Peale's wisdom during our next meditation break. It's as simple as focusing on the word joy or happiness for a few minutes or thinking of a happy moment and allowing it to bring you to a better vibration. This photo of my baby girl might help you get into a better frame of mind.



Brandy said...

She is absolutely beautiful & I can't believe how big she's getting!! I guess it really does fly by, huh.

I have 10 weeks to go until my EDD, and before I know it I'll have a 10 week old!

Anonymous said...

That is one cute baby!


mariafog said...

You cannot look at that picture of Brijin without smiling!! :-)

vlad said...

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Cailin Yates 16785083 Arbonne International said...

Lovely! what a wonderful picture of a wonderful child to add to that quote. and I love the quote.

gillberk said...

When we invest in good things, we will get our money back with interest. But there is always a pause between the sowing of the seed, and the harvest. So don’t get weary, don’t become discouraged, and don’t give up. Endurance is the key to so many things in life. And remember that in the natural world, everything produces after its own kind. You plant a peach seed, you get a peach. You plant an apple seed, you get an apple. The same is true in the spiritual realm. You have to plant what you want to receive. You can’t plant anger, and get peace. You can’t plant bitterness, and get sweetness. So if you’re not happy with the crop that is coming up in your life, evaluate the seed you are planting, and make some changes for the better.
"Happiness held is the seed; happiness shared is the flower".


seoguy said...

very beautiful and cute baby.

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