Monday, March 2

Try some face yoga instead of botox

Now that I'm a smidgen over 30, I've noticed a few more lines on my face and some sun damage. Seems like being pregnant brought this on or I at least notice it more now. Has anyone else every noticed more wrinkles after baby? Maybe it's from lack of sleep! lol

Instead of worrying about the lines and causing MORE wrinkles (focusing on what you don't want brings more of the same), I need to incorporate more face yoga into my own personal practice and when I teach at the Y. Much cheaper than Botox, and in my humble opinion, looks better too!


KO Connie said...

Um, yeah, I totally started to get some wrinkles under my eyes after having Peyton. Very sad!

KO Connie said...

p.s. love your new hair!

Anonymous said...

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Radical Acceptance: Embracing Your Life With the Heart of a Buddha by Tara Brach
The Gift of Loving-Kindness: 100 Meditations on Compassion, Generosity, & Forgiveness by Mary Brantley and Tesilya Hanauer (Website) from Brian Schellyoga teacher training course

Yoga Mama said...

KO Connie -

What is up with the postpregnancy wrinkles?? Not a side effect I'd ever heard of before - I was ready for my chest to deflate after nursing but not this! ;) I must research!

Thanks for the kudos on the hair. I started having my neighbor cut my hair. Ann owns a great salon in KC called En Vogue:

Gina Alajar said...

Facial yoga? hmm this is something new to me hehehe

Cosmetic said...

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