Wednesday, March 11

Yoga is my Bailout

I've always said yoga is my prescription for living, but I guess the more timely way to phrase this is to say it's my bailout. What a clever and funny way to convey how yoga can help you turn inward and allow you to deal with the external in an even-keel manner.

YogaDork actually created a shirt called "Yoga is my bailout," which you may order on YD's blog. I learned about it on YJ's blog Yoga Buzz; interesting article.


Anonymous said...

Excellent Stuff...


NewMommy said...

Yoga has been my bailout during my recent pregnancy. At the beginning I didn't know anything about yoga and then I came across a really cool self-guided mat that outlines all the yoga poses on the mat and it even tells you how long you should perform each pose. I started doing yoga at home and it literally changed my life. For all those moms who are constantly overwhelmed with so many activities and can't find time during the day to go to the gym, they should definitely check out these mats. Here is the website for anyone who might be interested.

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