Monday, April 13

I am where I am, and it's OKAY

"I am where I am, and it's okay. I am where I am, and it's okay. I am where I am, and it's OKAY!" - Abraham-Hicks

I was reminded of this frequent saying by Abraham when writing this blog post. Lately, I haven’t been able to practice yoga as much as I'd like or should, and I definitely feel the lack of it in my body and in my teaching.

My body doesn’t feel as “good” as it did when I was practicing every day; it's more tight and feels like there is stuck energy. In my yoga instruction I feel stale. Yet it’s odd,when I'm feeling really low, then a new student will come in and rave or an old student will let me know how much they still enjoy my classes. I’ve been trying to go to another live class at least once a month, which has helped, but that’s still way less than what I did before. I also did more recorded sessions at home, but who has time for a 90-minute practice when they have a baby?? So I try to squeeze it in when I can to keep me inspired and fresh, but it hasn’t been easy.

But, I am where I am, and it's okay.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like you are doing pretty well! It is indeed okay, where you are. Nurturing another life is the greatest yoga of all - and maybe the hardest...

A Yoga Mama is a Rama Mama said...

Thanks Nadine for still visiting and for the comment. Beautiful point about nurturing another life and as being yoga all on its own. So true.


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