Friday, June 5

Need some summer reading?

Looking for some reading material for the summer? If so, read "Best Yoga Books," which has a list of nine great suggestions to build your personal yoga library. Or better yet, check them out first at your local library and see if they're worth buying or not.

The list has several books I've either read, thumbed through or have been recommended. I personally discovered that my personal yoga practice really developed when I began seeking more information on my own and off my yoga mat about the philosophy of yoga.

What are some of your favorite yoga books?


Anne Cushman said...

Hi Yoga Mama, OK, while we're talking yoga books...How'd you like a copy of mine? My novel "Enlightenment for Idiots"--which got a rave in Yoga Journal when it came out last spring--is coming out in paperback in a few weeks, and it's a great beach read (in my own admittedly biased opinion). I'm a yoga mama myself (my son is now 8) and part of why I wrote it was to explore the intersection of yoga practice and the journey into motherhood. Read more about it at, and if it intrigues you, let me know at and I'll send you a copy. Warmly,

Anne Cushman

A Yoga Mama is a Rama Mama said...

I'm honored that you found my blog. Hopefully you'll stop back again.

Not only have I read your book, but I actually reviewed it back in March:

I really enjoyed it and am happy to hear it's out in paperback. We went on vacay with another couple a few weeks ago. When my friend asked what to read, I recommended it as well. She's never done yoga, but she's really liking it.

I'd love to giveaway a few of your books to some lucky blog readers, if you'd like. I'll send you an e-mail with details.

Yoga Mama

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