Saturday, September 19

Just do it!

As you can see, I haven't written a post in a while. I could blame several components of my life, including new ones taking up more of my time, but are they really to blame? I've obviously had some free moments (hello, TV?) where I could've logged in and written a little ditty, but I haven't. So why haven't I? Is that the proverbial procrastinator's question?

After doing a bit of yoga this morning, I made the connection that writing is a lot like yoga. Just like you have to return to your mat on a regular basis in yoga, you have to return to your pen, keyboard, etc. to write... and I haven't been. Call it what you will, but I haven't made time for my writing, and like yoga, it is another outlet for me to connect with my passion and my higher self. I believe it's one of my callings. So if I don't use it, I kind of lose it.

Therefore, today I'm returning to my yoga of writing, one keyboard stroke at a time. It may not be pretty, but at least I'm doing it. ;)

Have you been procrastinating or avoiding something you love? Tell me about it.


Shannon said...

Funny to check your blog and see this post as I have been missing/procrastinating EVERYTHING! Don't stress yourself about it, but we do enjoy your blog when you have time - always a source of good inspiration.

Anonymous said...

It seemed as if you know how I am. We don't know each other but your post was awesome. I am in the same spot. Ok, so keep writing and I will keep commenting. I hate writing too but love love love yoga. How about we inspire each other and others who are in the same boat. Thank you for taking the time sharing. It is courageous of you to come clean and just share. Thank you...

Alden said...

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