Friday, June 26

Ten reasons I do yoga

  1. Makes me happy.
  2. Feels good. Plain and simple.
  3. Helped me out of depression, anxiety and a bad back.
  4. Connects me to ALL of me – body, mind and spirit.
  5. Releases stress, anxiety and tension.
  6. Connects me to all other human beings in a more compassionate and loving way.
  7. Tunes me into source or God so I may receive blessings more easily and frequently.
  8. Helps me sleep soundly through the night.
  9. Is my prescription for living a fuller, more even keel and healthier life.
  10. Offers a philosophy that resonates and guides me in making daily choices.
  11. Aids me in being the best mom, wife, daughter, sister, teacher, worker and friend I can be.


Johanna B said...

Another reason I do yoga is for the energy it give me. My muscles just hum with energy during and after I practice.

A Yoga Mama is a Rama Mama said...

I love that description that your muscles "hum" with energy. May have to borrow that, Johanna!

Like your blog too!

Amador said...

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