Monday, February 11

Some flicks for pregnant chicks

This weekend I inadvertently watched two movies about women going through pregnancy. Both portrayed women in very different circumstances during their nine months than the typical, "everything is perfect" pregnancy, which was kind of refreshing to me for some reason. First I viewed the DVD Waitress with Keri Russell as the lead. I had no idea that Waitress was about a pregnant woman nor did I know how odd the story line was going to be, but it was worth seeing, especially being an expectant mother myself.

My hubby and I were more than ready to go out Saturday night after we both were sick all week, and we chose to see the flick Juno, about a teen mom's journey from conception to labor. Can't say enough great things about this film - we laughed out loud the majority of it.

I'm not a big "go-to-the-theater" person - we partake in Netflix, which by the way I use to sample various yoga DVDs. Juno - watch the trailer - is definitely worth sitting in the movie theater with a bunch of strangers munching on their popcorn and Jujubees because the writing, humor and acting are so fresh and original. There is no wonder why this film is an Oscar nominee for both best actress and best picture. Definitely a must see, preggers or not!

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