Sunday, March 30

Meet my little jicama

Thirty-two weeks pregnant; can't believe I only have two months before meeting this little guy or gal... FREAKY! He or she is about 3.75 pounds or as big as a jicama - which is what, you may ask? On it said, "It's a strange looking vegetable that appears to be a cross between a coconut and a horseradish root. But it's the size of about a honeydew melon."

Not only is the baby gaining weight, but so is Mama! It seems like air has calories these days. Everyone keeps saying it's all in my stomach, however I saw a photo from my first baby shower that made me beg to differ! My face was HUGE like a pumpkin. And I still have two months to go. Even though I haven't gained that much weight, since the pattern is to gain a pound a week from here on out, I'm probably going to gain more than the recommended allotment. Oh well I guess.

Speaking of our first baby shower, my coworkers were so overwhelmingly generous! They pooled together enough to give us a stroller/car seat combo, the second base to the car seat and a bouncy seat. Plus one (my former walking buddy) knitted a beautiful blanket. Isn't that amazing? I almost started crying from the kindess displayed.

With the new-baby necessities and my growing knowledge of how to take care of a newborn - I've been scouring baby books and magazine articles this weekend - I am feeling more confident about being a new mom.

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