Sunday, May 4

Answers to top 10 pregnancy questions

Stumbled upon an interesting article online called
Pregnancy and Work Can Work. Even if you're not working during your pregnancy, it's worth reading because the article addresses the 10 most common questions about being preggers, according to the two doctors interviewed for the article:
  1. How do I fit in doctor visits?
  2. Is it safe to see the dentist?
  3. What can be done about morning sickness and fatigue?
  4. What can I do about insomnia?
  5. Can I still drink coffee?
  6. What should I eat?
  7. Can I still hit the gym?
  8. Can I travel?
  9. What if I get sick?
  10. How do I plan for delivery while still working?

Definitely worth checking out if you're expecting or planning to be pregnant.

I'm a little run down this week - either have a cold or allergies. I'm leaning towards the latter. Going to take some Claritin (approved by doc) now! Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

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