Tuesday, July 29

Just feeding the ducks with Grandpa

You've got to check out the Reverisble Bird Seed Skirt GIVEAWAY!!!!

Seeing this outfit almost made me cry because it immediately brought to mind my many trips to the local duck pond with my Grandpa Caughlin. Not that I ever had an outfit as cute as this to wear to the pond; probably was wearing my big brother's hand-me-down clothes, which was probably smart considering how dirty I typically was as a kid. And I guess my brother was with us at the pond, but I remember really enjoying hanging out with my grandpa and feeding the ducks.

I can totally see my little girl Brijin Joy walking to the duck pond with her Grandpa Muehlig and God-willing, her great grandpa to feed the ducks. Now I will admit she is too teeny weeny to wear this outfit for a few years, but I can definitely see the memories that will be made while wearing it - just hanging out at the pond and feeding the ducks with Grandpa.

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