Monday, May 26

Heading to the hospital

I've been having contractions since Sunday but they were only 10-15 minutes apart and sporatic.

This morning, they began again and we're much more intense and have been between 2 minutes to eight minutes. It's been about five hours since they first started and I just called the on-call doc. She said go to the hospital - I hope this is it! I don't want to be crying wolf again.

So baby's may arrive one day late... I'll keep you posted!



Maria said...

YAAAAAAAAY! A Memorial Day baby!

Let it Flow said...

Congratulations and wishing you much health and happiness with your new baby!

KO Connie said...

How exciting! Hope all is well!

Marie said...

Oh, I just popped over to see if you wanted to take part in a tag game, and here you are with possible news!!!

I will keep you in my thoughts.

Lots of luck.

Marie :)

P.S. Here are the rules in case this was a false alarm. Maybe it can keep you busy?:

Write your own six word or less memoir…
post it on your blog….
Link to the person who tagged you..
Tag 5 or more bloggers…
Leave a comment on the tagged bloggers site with an invitation to play….

Anonymous said...


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