Friday, January 16

Etiquette of yoga

With the new year, comes new yoga students. Perhaps someone is attending yoga for the first time in my class, which can be quite daunting, but I feel very honored to be a yoga ambassador.

New students seem to also bring up old, yoga etiquette issues. My biggest pet peeve is when people arrive late to class. The beginning of class is when I steer everyone to turn inward and quiet their minds. The other day, I think I had seven people arrive five minutes late to class. Completely distracting and not in line with yoga whatsoever!

So what's a yoga instructor to do? I'm half tempted to pin up a list of etiquette on the bulletin board outside of the classroom that I found in this month's Yoga Journal magazine. I've also read you could hand the student a list of expectations directly, but I could see that hurting the person's feelings and hindering them from ever returning which is obviously not my aim.

New students aren't the only ones to blame for this etiquette misstep. One woman has been attending my classes for almost three years, and she still seems to come in late EVERY time. It annoys me to no end, as well as many other regulars, I'm sure! Don't get me wrong, I understand the OCCASIONAL tardy, but when it consistently happens, it's just downright annoying and rude.

Any advice on how to address yoga classroom etiquette is greatly appreciated.


melissa said...

New year resolutions might be increase the yoga.

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Cascia said...

I'm not that familiar with yoga. Thanks for the tips. I just found your blog. You have a nice site here!

Nicole Feliciano said...

I also don't like when folks crowd mats for no apparent reason. I'm doing a little fitness blog tour to promote my blog, Momtrends. This month is devoted to fitness. I've nabbed an exclusive interview with Gabby Reece:

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Big B said...

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Shannon said...

I am a little slow to catch up on the blog, but if you have not, I think posting it would be good. I think people just don't know. In my first yoga classes the teacher told us all point blank, don't be late, don't leave early (or if so leave before we all quiet down), get any props you may need before class starts.... It's really respectful of everyone in the room.

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