Tuesday, February 17

Whales + Yoga = Optimum tranquility

Yoga in itself brings me to such a tranquil and present state. How much more enhanced would it be if I practiced while viewing beautiful whales swimming right in front of me?

The Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta, which is the biggest aquarium in the world, recently began offering yoga classes while its beluga whales swim gracefully in the backdrop. Apparently it's a new concept and "billed as the first of its kind" according to the accompanying article to the video above. Such a wonderful marriage of two peaceful entities.

I may have to visit my Atlanta friends to witness this for myself.

'"The beluga whales are so slow and so smooth in their movements, which is indeed what this is about -- slow movements of the body," said Todd DeLaune, one of the instructors of the weekly sessions. "And I think the energy of the belugas corresponds with the practice that we do."'


Mandy said...

Awesome, Just read that Whales are migrating and should be passing outside of our wonderful windows any day. I hope to see one (missed them last year)! How very, very yogic!! As this is our last month in the Carribean, I hope that I get graced with their presence!
(Also glad to know about the Atl. yoga, as we are moving to SC!)
Love the blog!
Mandy @ www.yogaddiction.blogspot.com/

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Anonymous said...

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yogaathome said...

really peacefull combination, im happy for you , namaste

Barrett said...

Wow! that is so cool! Especially because nature does so much to help people get back in balance - I just never thought about animals in an aquarium being a possible "natural" connection. While I don't think I'll start offering yoga classes at the New England Aquarium, it's still a great way for me to think about yoga and nature...

Anonymous said...

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