Saturday, February 14

Frustrated over Stork Craft crib recall

I remember how excited I was when I first made my crib choice, but now I'm starting to regret purchasing a Stork Craft crib due to the company being unresponsive to its recall.

In mid January, our Stork Craft crib was recalled. I actually received e-mail notice from Target since I ordered it online from the retailer, which I'm so grateful for since I don't really seek recall info. Figure it's better not to seek the negative, right? So kudos to Target! On Jan. 16, I sent an e-mail to Stork Craft due to its 800 number being busy, and I still have not received a confirmation response or the metal brackets to fix the crib.

Several times I called the Stork Craft's 800#, and even two weeks ago I kept receiving a busy signal. I ended up calling U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission and the man helping me couldn't get through the number either so I did file a report, but I still haven't received the replacement brackets. Apparently I have to give them up to 30 days after filing this complaint, even though I had already waited four weeks.

Anyone else out there having this issue? My baby hasn't been able to sleep in her crib for over six weeks now, and I'm becoming impatient and frustrated.

Please link or forward this to anyone you think may be having the same issue; the recall included ALL Stork Craft cribs over eight years so it's affecting a ton of people.

I want my baby back in her crib! At least acknowledge that my request for the replacement brackets have been received, Stork Craft. Let me know you're listening. I am truly looking for a solution.


Anonymous said...

I know Target isn't responsible, however, I would contact them with the poor results received from Stork Craft. Target could refuse to stock Stork Craft products.

By the way, if you want to move my crib to your house until the replacement brackets are in, please help yourself.


sfauthor said...

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Shannon said...

I think it is a good idea to notify Target that you are unhappy with their vendor. Unacceprable! And I am totally freaking because we're just beginning the crib journey (and really you just can't predict the future!)

Hideaki said...

I have had the same problem. We are expecting our baby in 5 weeks and I have no idea what to do...I thought about buying a co sleeper. But irregardless, they should be getting those brackets out in a more timely manner.


Steve said...


Did you ever get your brackets? I am still waiting on our replacements... haven't gotten anywhere calling or emailing them. So frustrating


Yoga Mama said...

No I haven't received my brackets yet. I submitted my initial e-mail on Jan. 16. After trying the company's 800 # for several weeks and always getting a busy signal, I called the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission a few weeks after this and filed a report. They told me to give Stork Craft 30 days to respond. Nothing yet!

I checked back a few days ago on and noticed it now has request form on the site to request the brackets so I filled this out and also included that I initially requested on Jan. 16.

I guess I need to call and file a second complaint with the USPCSP. I suggest anyone else having an issue do the same.

Steve said...

Wow, we are on the same time line. I requested mine the same day. I was on hold for 40 minutes today before speaking to someone. They said they are going to put my order at the top of the list. They were making some excuse that they were supposed to have a big shipment that never came in, but now they have them, and now they have new management, so they will get them directly for me. I don't care what they do.. waiting this long is totally unacceptable!

disiac said...

I had the same experience! In fact, I just sent my SECOND follow-up email today. My original message was more than a month ago. I don't have the patience to call, and this way, I have an email trail. After sending this last message, I thought I'd do a search to see if anyone else had the same problem, and sure enough, I found you. Know you're not alone, and this certainly does suck.

We've had our crib since our baby was born, and she's almost 9 months old. I still let her sleep in it, because it's right next to our bed, but now that she can get up and cruise around the crib, I worry more.

Anonymous said...

We're in the same boat. I've gotten nowhere with my follow up requests to Storkcraft...

disiac said...

i just got a response from stork craft! it could have been crafted a little better, given what they've put their customers through, but i'm just being critical. it started off with "hi", where "dear valued customer" would have set a more appropriate tone. then, it ended with no sign off. i'd copy and paste the message here, but it's a bit long.

to summarize: reminder that the recall was voluntary; they're doing their best with the large number of calls and emails but are understaffed; not all email auto notifications were received; cribs still meet safety standards when installed + used properly - and my favorite quote:

"The original brackets have only shown weakness if they are bent multiple times because of improper installation or if a child is improperly utilizing the crib mattress by jumping on it (like a trampoline)."

Yoga Mama said...

Guess what??? We received our replacement brackets the evening of March 9. I had just called the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission again last Friday and complained for the second time, so I'm not sure if that's what did it r what.

It was odd because I didn't notice the little package of brackets on our front porch when I arrived home from my day job but after yoga a few hours later it was sitting there. Of course it was raining too and who knows how long it had been sitting in it so I said to my hub, "Wouldn't it be ironic if now that they finally arrived, the brackets would get rusted from sitting out in the rain??"

Of course we haven't had time to install them yet! We had JUST moved the darn brackets down a week before the recall announcement, and it wasn't as easy as it looks. Could Stork Craft send an installer along with the brackets?? Is that asking too much. LOL!

I think the main takeaway from this is Stork Craft didn't provide ANY communications, which made the sitation so much worse than necessary. If the company would only have sent an automatic e-mail reply back, which is a fairly simple technology - as simple as an out of office reply - stating, we've received your request. Please allow 6-8 weeks, then I think a lot of our anger would have never began.

Stephanie said...

I have been waiting for over 2 months now for my brackets. I have sent my third email now asking for the brackets or a full refund. We have also had issues since the begining with the front rail not staying on. I am so frustrated with this company I could scream. I wish they would just give me my money back so I can go buy another crib!

Anonymous said...

We have had the same experience. I've sent multiiple emails and even used snail mail. I received an email at the beginning of March from Storkcraft, stating they received my request. I've sent two more emails asking for an update. We still don't have our brackets :-( Horrible customer service. I will try the complaint information you posted in your blog. Thank you!
We have twins. I won't be buying our second crib from Storkcraft.
Beth from LA

Anonymous said...

I called and complained to the consumer product safety hotline today. They took my report and I received an email 3 hours later from Storkcraft saying they just sent my parts out via FedEx. My first request was on January 17th, so it took me 6 emails, one letter, many phone calls (never reached a human) and one consumer complaint. Definitely call and complain!
CPSC Recall Hotline: (800) 638-2772
Thank you! Beth in LA

Yoga Mama said...

Beth from LA:
So glad calling CPSC Recall Hotline: (800) 638-2772 worked for you. I never did receive an e-mail from Stork Craft directly but I received the brackets only a few days after calling the CPSC the second time, so they must be putting the pressure on.

And guess what? Since baby girl has been sleeping in her crib again, she's been sleeping 10-12 hours straight! hhmmmmmmm.

I'm just grateful that it's done and glad to hear it's almost done for you too! Hopefully everyone else is getting resolution as well!


jwarinn said...

Storkcraft replacement crib brackets. We bought a strokcraft crib through Walmart. One week later Storkcraft recalled the crib brackets. After several months of waiting for the wood replacement parts due to the damage of the shipping of the crib, we returned the crib to Walmart for a refund. Then several days later, we received separately two sets of the recalled crib brackets which hold up the platform board for the mattress. If you are still waiting for the replacement brackets to be sent to you from Storkcraft, you can contact us and have one of these sets. The packages state the weight is 1.5 lbs-we have not open them-pay for the postage and I will be glad to send you one of these sets. I do want to say when we returned the crib to Walmart which was months after we purchased it (never used it or put it together) they were absolutely great about refunding our money. We bought the crib online in December and returned it in March.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe storkcraft! Their customer service is horrible! To begin with they had to ship us our crib THREE different times because everytime it was damaged! When we fianlly got it our daughter was 3 months old. We got her sleeping in the crib about that time. Then 3 months later the crib was recalled and we took her back into our bed. That was at the beginning on Jan. I immediately sent them an email for replacement brackets. I waited until Feb and got no response, so I CALLED them and waited over an hour on the phone! I talked to the lady and she said it was 1st come first serve ordering, but we would be recieving them. WELL, it is MAY 22nd and we STILL don't have any replacement brackets! I saw about 2 weeks ago that they had a form to fill out online now so I did that. They said you'd get response 24-48hrs. I never received aNYTHING! I did it again yesterday. We'll see! I am just appalled! My daughter will be 1 yr old in 2 weeks and she's slept in her crib for only 3 months! What a ripp off!

Adam said...

Dear valued Stork Craft customers:

All of us who work at Stork Craft appreciate your feedback and have recently discovered this blog post regarding the bracket recall. As we have received and processed thousands of customer service inquiries as a result of the recall, we have been working hard to ensure that each and every person affected receives their replacement brackets as soon as possible.

Unfortunately, there have been times where packages are shipped out, do not reach their final destinations and we here at Stork Craft are not notified. If you still require your brackets – let us know! The easiest way is to send us an email through with your order number. If you wish to place a new order, send us the following information and we will be happy to assist:

Shipping address (one that accepts courier shipments)
State / Province
Zip / Postal Code
Crib Model , country of manufacture, date of manufacture (found under the mattress on the mattress support board)

We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you in advance for your patience and understanding in this matter.

Best Regards,


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