Monday, June 29

Make Mondays Count

If you have a "typical" work week, you're probably guilty of dreading Mondays. At least every now and again... admit it!

What if you did it EVERY Monday? That would be wasting 52 days a year or a one seventh of the calendar. That's a lot of dread, and where is it getting you? Probably into hating Sunday evenings and maybe even all day Sunday. It's a slippery slope, and is it really worth it?

What if you could find advice on how to make Mondays a little more tolerable and even count? There's a site called that gives 52 ways to make Monday into the new Friday. All right, maybe Monday can't ever be quite that cool (Could you imagine TGIM?), but maybe it could be a decent Thursday.

Every Monday Matters suggests everything from writing a letter to a U.S. soldier to donating books to creating a back-to-school backpack.

Even if you don't hate Mondays, this Web site gives tons of inspiring actionable tasks to make your life and this world a little better, one Monday at a time. I do have a suggestion if we had 53 Mondays - try or do some yoga! ;)


tambo said...

I usually look forward to Mondays! I'm trying to figure out what that says about me? Love my work?(hope so!) Hate my weekends?(NOT!)-hmmm. Next on my Monday list-check out the actionaable acts of kindness. Thanks RamaMama!

Anonymous said...

Biggest reason Monday's suck...having to listen to everyone complain about it being Monday. Not a good way to ramp up the rest of the week.

A Yoga Mama is a Rama Mama said...

I actually don't mind Mondays too much, usually, thank goodness!

Luckily I don't seem to hear people complaining about Mondays too much at my workplace, at least typically. Maybe you're attracting those "sucky" comments, Anonymous. ;)

Anonymous said...

what is yoga

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