Friday, July 31

Blessings in unexpected places

Good quote today from Abraham (receive the daily e-mail here). Reminded me of where I'd been that seemed so in despair and horrible at the time and now it's led me to the open house party of Yoga Patch. Without being in the car accident, I probably wouldn't have discovered yoga and fallen in love with it so deeply, now sharing it as an instructor in a brand new studio right by my house.

During a Unity sermon I sat in a few years ago, the reverand once said "horrible" events in our lives are either to bless us in some way later or for us to be a blessing. Maybe both happened in this situation.

If you're in Kansas City, hope you can join us for one of the events this weekend.

"There will be a time, not so far from now, that you will look back on this phase of your life and instead of condemning it or beating up on it... Instead of blaming or guilting, you will feel appreciation for it, because you will understand that a renewed desire for life was born out of this time period that will bring you to physical heights that you could not have achieved without the contrast that gave birth to this desire."
--- Abraham


jindi said...

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rajans said...

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gracejenna said...

Pretty good post. I just stumbled upon your blog and wanted to say that I have really enjoyed reading your blog posts.


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