Friday, December 14

Bloom'n into new fashion

I received six packages in the mail yesterday from some of my EBay orders! So exciting!

One was a three pack of belly bands by Bloom’n Fashion, and as I understand it, is supposed to help lengthen the time I can wear my normal clothes and also kind of act as an extender between my pants and shirts. Here's the description from the site: Wear a Bloom'n Belly Band to cover your belly before, during, or after pregnancy. Wear it to fit your own style: wear it over your whole belly for secure comfort or fold or roll it for an under the belly style. Create a trendy layered look for pregnancy and nursing to keep your tummy covered until you get back to pre-pregnancy shape.

On the tag it said “By purchasing our products, you support Moms who work from home.” I didn’t realize when I bought it; I only thought it was a good deal – three bands for $22.95 plus shipping in whatever color combo you want! Fast delivery as well!

The only bummer is I was on the bubble between medium and large, and I went with large. I’m testing the black band today and although it fits, it’s not very tight. Thinking medium would have been better. I may order a few mediums since they are so reasonably priced – I’m sure the large bands will fit soon enough though! :)

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