Sunday, December 9

EBay madness

Since I'm showing I've become concerned that I won't be prepared with maternity clothes, so yesterday I opened EBay up after abstaining for a few years. Now I remember why I stopped going - I become a looney, competitive junky. I set my eyes on a "large lot" of maternity clothes: 2 pairs of pants, a few sweaters, long sleeve shirts and button downs. It was all in my size (I guess you wear the same size you currently wear but in maternity.) and it was only at $30 when I first started looking at it. The garments were from nice stores like Pea in a Pod so I thought this will be a steal! Plus I have my sister-in-laws maternity clothes as well (she had our niece Quinn in July) so I thought, I'll be set.

Well, then the bidding started to heat up in the last three hours. I set my maximum bid to $67 after bidding $45. Once I returned about an hour before closing, I was outbid! What?! Well, my competitive nature kicked in (I know, very anti-yoga!) and I went for it again... well then in the last five minutes my competitor tried to swoop in and steal my loot, er, I mean lot. No way sister - this maternity garb is mine! So I bid a dollar above her and set my maximum a few bids away so it'd take her a while to figure it out. With 10 seconds to go, she outbid my max - AAAAAAAHHHH!! So I did what any crazy, pregnant lady would do, I outbid her by $1 and somehow pulled off the steal of the day.

The final total ended up at $88 plus $15 shipping but still less than $10 a piece for decent clothes. Hope it fits after all that! Hmmm, wouldn't that be karma? Okay, let's not go there... it will fit, it will fit, it will fit. Part of EBay is the "fight" so bring it on!


Maria said...

Wow! You are going to have to teach me how to use eBay :-) I never have, and you sound like quite the pro!!!!

Yoga Mama said...

Thanks for coming back and commenting Maria! Buying on EBay is easy; it's the selling part I haven't tried. WARNING: it's addicting, but I'll be happy to share my small amount of know-how. I actually "won" another huge set of maternity clothes today, but I'm not as positive about how good it is (photos weren't great), but it was a STEAL! I think I have enough maternity clothes to last me through several pregnancies. HA!

Maria said...

Hey, one of my best friends is getting ready for a baby and she said there's a free podcast on iTunes called "pregtastic" that you might enjoy.

Yoga Mama said...

I haven't check it out, but I'll post the site on my blog and will listen soon.

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