Thursday, December 13

Too cold (or pregnant) to decorate...

Am I an awful person for not putting out any Christmas decorations yet? I definitely haven't hit the nesting phase of pregnancy because I am just avoiding decorating for the holidays. Plus, all of it is tucked away in boxes located in our icky basement, and I need help carrying them. I keep telling my husband he needs to bring them up, but he doesn't seem to care - and yes, I'm pushing the buck off on him! HA!

I think decorating is the one holiday item really stressing me out. Granted I don't have my gifts all purchased yet, but I know I'll get it done. Who cares if people receive cards from us or not? Although I guess it would be a good way to communicate we're expecting, even though I would think most would know already. We already did a cookie exchange so we have plenty of cookies, although they're already half gone... again, it must be my husband who is eating ALL of them.;)

I guess the decorations will happen when they happen (or better yet IF they happen!).

I better go do some yoga and try to rid myself of this stress.


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