Wednesday, December 26

Finding Samadhi?

I feel so exhilirated! I taught my 6 p.m. power-vinyasa yoga class tonight and felt the best I have while doing the asanas or postures in a long time. Since becoming pregnant, when I go to my mat, I'm not feeling the passion I used to feel. Maybe it's due to my body not being as agile and strong as it was prior to being pregnant. However, tonight everything was clicking and moving in sync. As I type, I'm still experiencing my yoga buzz.

I wonder if I reached samadhi? It's the eighth limb of Patanjali's eightfold path, and according to Yoga Journal is the "ecstatic or unitive state in which the meditator becomes one with the object of meditation." I was one with my asana practice tonight, which I consider to be my form of meditation (Not to discount "true" meditation. I think asana practice prepares me for it). I didn't allow the "static in the attic," as Baron Baptiste calls it, to get in the way of the postures, but I moved with my body and embraced my breath.

Obviously when I teach it's for the students, but tonight I rode the wave and really enjoyed my practice. Maybe that's selfish, but it sure felt good.

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