Tuesday, January 29

Another side effect of pregnancy... FUN!

Starting on Sunday, I began to notice I was really tight on both sides of my groin, especially when I transition from sitting to standing. I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to teach yoga last night, but it seemed to subside during it. Although once I walked out of class, it was there again.

Apparently it’s normal according to a discussion thread on Baby Center. Several other pregos talked about having the same symptoms between 23 (which is where I am) and 28 weeks.

During my WWW search, I also found an article on What to Expect about it – it’s called symphysis pubic dysfunction, or SPD, and is relatively common. “It's caused by a relaxation of the ligaments that normally keep the two sides of the pelvic bone tightly bound together at the symphysis pubis, the joint in the pubic area.”

WTE recommends pelvic exercises like Kegels and pelvic tilts (cat/dog). Also sit when dressing (I actually had to do this at the YMCA last night when changing for my yoga class), take one step at a time and avoid heavy lifting.

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