Sunday, January 27

Laughter yoga may be the best medicine

Is being healthy as easy as prescribing a specific amount of laughter throughout your day? According to an article on the Web,“Health a laughing matter” it is or at least it can help, especially for women.

Scientists from the University College London took saliva samples from 3000 men and women and measured levels of hormones and proteins linked to heart disease, cancer and high blood pressure. At the same time, the volunteers were asked how happy, content or excited they felt at that particular time.

The scientists found that among women, but not men, happiness correlated with lower levels of the hormones and proteins, suggesting that happy women are more likely to be healthier.

In this same article, Oprah talks about "Laughter Yoga," which my mother brought up to me months ago after watching it on the popular talk show. When my mom first told me about the type of yoga, I instantly thought it was a crock, but maybe I made a snap judgment. According to the Laughter Yoga Web site, the practice combines laughter exercises and yoga breathing to give you the health benefits of hearty laughter."

Viewed a few Laughter Yoga demonstrations posted on YouTube. May have to try some out, but for now I think I'll be doing it alone and behind closed doors... :)


BG said...

Have you heard of "Kundalini Awakening?" Some crazy videos out there if you search it and have about 6 hours of time to burn.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, this seems pretty interesting- thinking about hosting a workshop at my studio...

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