Thursday, January 31

Laughter is good for baby too

Gratitude is key to leading a happy life. Lately I'm so grateful for all the generosity exhibited towards me during my pregnancy - people love to give baby gifts! The other day Maureen, a coworker and friend, stopped by out of the blue and gave me the book 97 Ways to Make a Baby Laugh by Jack Moore.

It's such an adorable book with cute baby photos on every page and 97 ideas on how to play with your baby. As I blogged about the other day, laughter is good medicine, not only for mama but for baby too.

Below are some "laughing" ideas for your baby from the book:
  • Ride on a carousel with your baby and have familiar people stand around it waving to the baby.
  • At dinner, have the adults play with glasses of water and spoons to play music for the baby.
  • Play 'this little piggy' - an oldie but a goodie.
  • Sit the baby in front of a mirror with you as you both wear hats, and then switch hats back and forth.
  • Make an exaggerated sneeze for the baby.
  • Fill a laudry bag with the baby's toys and take each one out with great fanfare.


Gma said...

I can't wait to try out some of these tricks!

Yoga Mama said...

Me too! One of my biggest worries about becoming a new mom was how do you entertain a baby? I've never been a baby person so this book has a lot of good ideas that I can piggyback on and develop for our baby's personality.

Libbo said...

Yippee Marjie! I found out another of my friends who I haven't talked to in years just had a baby, & she did the nursery in the pattern you picked out, & I want to show it to you because it's so adorable!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yoga Mama said...

Cool - can't wait to see it!

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