Sunday, January 20

Restorative yoga might not be for pregnant yoginis

Just tried restorative yoga for the first time at Darling Yoga. I thought it might help me open up my back and the extreme leg cramp in my left calf - woke up Saturday morning with a leg cramp or charlie horse that made me scream and now my calf is still as hard as a rock. (BTW my sciatica is feeling much better! Guess I traded one for the other!)

Before the start of class, I reminded the instructor of my pregnancy since I'm new to the studio. She remembered me, which was nice, and said that I may become nauseous since we will be laying down a lot. Well, boy was she right. I've heard and read so many different things about lying
down in pregnancy, and I figured being propped up on bolsters would keep me from being flat on my back, but I definitely felt a little sick in the stomach after being in some positions for 10 minutes or so. I ended up propping myself up with a block under my bolster in a diagonal or laying to my side. The cool thing was I felt the baby moving a lot, probably to say, "get off your back MAMA!"

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