Saturday, January 26

I see only blue skies

"Positive emotions empower; negative emotions disempower."
~ Gary Zukav

Well, I woke up too early again last night and on a Saturday no less. Not cool at all. The fortunate thing is I can take a nap this afternoon, although my parents are in town visiting for the weekend so I may power through (Not that they would mind me taking a nap; we're napping people!).

I believe I woke up early due to allowing work stuff get to me again. I'm really focusing on the negative versus the positive, and it needs to STOP NOW! Not only for me, but for the health of my baby.

Better squeeze some yoga in before my mom and I go to Babies R' Us to register.

"When the day is cloudy, the blue sky is limited, when it is clear the beauty is all around. Harmful thoughts act as gray clouds to your positive perception, so create a wind of hopefulness and blow away those clouds and be captivated by the beauty of freedom."
~ Allen Steble

I love quotes, but I'm in more a quote mood than usual today because I discovered Quotiki. It's a "
social quotes site that lets you quickly find and enjoy quotes. As a member ... you can start tagging, submitting, rating and collecting quotes."


Anonymous said...

Thank you for the quote on my Blog, Mantra Mama. Your site is quite lovely as well. You must be very excited about the up coming birth. What a lucky child to have a Yoga Mama! I'll be back.

Yoga Mama said...

Thanks for visiting Mantra Mama! Yoga will definitely make me a better mother, hopefully a calmer one. :)

positivelypregnant said...

Hi there! You are just the type of mama I want to hook up with. I have started a blog about having a positive pregnancy, which I will eventually develop into a book about all of the wonderful things about pregnancy. I would love it if you would check in every once in a while, and I will keep checking in with you. Congrats on your upcoming bundle of joy! My blog is

Yoga Mama said...

I'm glad I'm your kind of mama! Sounds like you have some great ideas for a book - I'd love to be a part of it! Definitely keep in touch and I will check in with you as well. I recommend joining and to find other mamas.

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