Monday, January 21

Most "uplifting" day of the year

As I was sipping green tea this morning and watching the local news, I heard a very discouraging story to start my workweek.

Apparently the last Monday of January is the most depressing day of the year. Thank you Mr. Local News Anchor for the very "uplifting" message to get me rearing to go! This is an example of why I don't typically watch the TV local news - it always bums me out, whether it's about murders, house fires, insert depressing story here. But to tell me straight out, hey if you're really feeling gloomy today, it's okay because it's the most depressing day of the year ... I don't really appreciate this message.

So I'm going to have to flip this thought, just like Louise L. Hay teaches and say out loud, "This is the most uplifting day of the year!"

Try it and let me know if it works!

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