Tuesday, January 1

Getting the resolve to set a New Year's 'solution'

Ah, the New Year's resolution... I've never been into creating resolutions, yet the Today show this morning inspired me to set one. But what should my resolution(s) be?

One Web site suggested watching less TV. Admittedly, I have a bad habit of vegging out on the couch for hours at a time on weekend afternoons and during prime time after work. Reruns are also a culprit, especially shows from my high school and college years like Beverly Hills, 90210 and Friends - I've probably seen every episode of each series five or six times. Okay, I know, I'm a freak! For some reason I enjoy it, but I will acknowledge it's a big waste of time. And with a baby arriving in five months (OMG! I'm not ready!), it would be good to curb my television viewing now instead of cutting it cold turkey in May.

I found a decent article on About.com called 10 Tips for Keeping New Year's Resolutions. Apparently I missed the boat by not planning ahead (step #2). Perhaps next year my pre-New Year's resolution will be to have a resolution created by the first week of December. Another Web site had a suggestion to make it quantifiable so I'll know if I am successfully cutting back on my evil, television habit. I must confess I probably watch 20 hours of TV a week, but I will have to emphasize I do clean, read and accomplish other things while it's on. Do I sound like a junky making justifications for my habit?

Here's my suggested (gulp) resolution - also remember step #1 is to make it realistic:
  • Watch only two reruns a week of Friends and/or 90210.
  • Watch TV 10-15 hours per week (higher end during first half of the year and lower end by mid-year when the baby is here).

Guess I better not waste all my hours watching football today - maybe my resolution can start tomorrow. :)

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