Wednesday, January 2

Post-baby body help?

Returning back to the office today meant surfing for my daily feeding of the latest gossip.

Today featured an interesting article about Brooke Burke's fitness secrets during and after pregnancy. Apparently the pregnant celeb swears by wearing a belly-compression wrap post pregnancy called Taut. Knowing how kick ass her body looked after her last pregnancy, I thought this deserved more research. I discovered her online store Baboosh Baby sells the 'Tauts' for $56 - $62, and it looks like they should be worn for 40 days "after natural pregnancy."

Burke also is a firm believer in doing Pilates during and after pregnancy. I myself have a certification in Pilates, and I remember distinctly during my training the instructor educating us to warn pregnant women against doing Pilates and core work in general.

Not sure what the right answer is on Pilates during pregnancy, but I think I may need to order me a Taut... if anyone has ever tried it, let me know!


Karri said...

Hi, I'm also a "yoga mama" teaching part-time and stumbled on your blog after a random Google search. We're stationed on a base in Japan and heard from several women that Japanese women wear similar wraps to what you described in this post after childbirth and that's how they go back to having such tiny waists. I would try it (unless you end up having a c-section). Do you teach mainly prenatal or Power as well? I have 4 classes right now: Mom & Baby, Mom & Toddler, Prenatal and a Power Yoga class. I love all of them. Check out my blog sometime. - Karri

Yoga Mama said...

Thanks so much for checking out my blog and commenting - love hearing from other yoga mamas! How exciting you live in Japan.

I don't teach prenatal classes at the moment - I'm not certified - but I'd love to do it. Right now I teach two power yoga and one hatha yoga class per week. I previously had two pi-yo classes as well, but I gave those up. With working 40 hours in my "day" job, three classes is enough!

Comment back with your blog address - I'll link it and check it out. Keep in touch!

remz said...

Hi Yoga Mama n Karri...wud like to know does Taut (wrap for post pregnancy) work after 3 months of having baby or is it that one has to use it only during first 40 days?? would appreciate your response on this..Thnx

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