Friday, April 18

Give the gift of gratitude to Yourself

"Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it."
- William Arthur Ward

This is exactly why I have "Thankful Thursdays," although obviously this is Friday but give a pregnant girl a break! Expressing gratitude is the key to receiving even better experiences and joy in your life.

After searching "gratitude" on Yoga Journal's Web site, I discovered a wonderful article on various ways to be mindfully thankful and how this practice can alter one's life called "
Selfless Gratitude." Here's an excerpt:

Practicing mindfulness of gratitude consistently leads to a direct experience of being connected to life and the realization that there is a larger context in which your personal story is unfolding... It also elicits feelings of generosity, which create further joy. Gratitude can soften a heart that has become too guarded, and it builds the capacity for forgiveness, which creates the clarity of mind that is ideal for spiritual development.

I found in the article some ideas on how to practice being thankful:
  • Actively notice things you are grateful for throughout your regular day. For instance, when you're stuck in traffic and it's making you late and irritated, you notice you can be thankful you have transportation and that other drivers are abiding by the agreed-upon driving rules, which prevent chaos and unsafe conditions.
  • Practice being consciously grateful to your family, friends, teachers, benefactors, and all those who have come before you who have made it possible for your existence to be comfortable, informed, and empowered.
  • What is your gratitude ratio? Are you more negative or more grateful? The purpose of this inquiry is not to judge yourself but rather to motivate yourself to find a truer perspective.

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