Saturday, April 19

Yoga for the Second Trimester

Whether you're in your second trimester or you're a yoga teacher, you should read the Yoga Journal online article "Tools for Teaching Prenatal Yoga: The Second Trimester."

It's written by the author of one of my favorite yoga blogs, Grounding Thru the Sit Bones, and gives clarification on what poses are available and/or modifications (such as backbends against a wall versus on your stomach) during the second trimester of pregnancy.

One of the article's suggestions is to begin focusing on pranayama or breath exercises during this trimester to prepare for labor and maybe even utilize during delivery. One such practice is alternate-nostril breathing. Found a short clip on YouTube to demonstrate - it's a little weird at first, but you will feel the calming effects afterwards. Great for opening up your sinuses too.

Prenatal yoga pranayama: Alternate-nostril breathing (1:40)

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