Monday, April 21

Meditation for childbirth

Saturday hubby and I attended an all-day childbirth preparation class. After a difficult day at the office Friday, I must admit I wasn't looking forward to spending half of my weekend indoors in class when I could be wallowing in the past. Luckily I woke up Saturday bright and early and felt better about life and more excited about the class. Plus we prepaid so it would have been stupid not to at least go for the morning portion.

About 10 other couples showed up and most were due within the next month (just like me!) or two. During the introductions, we had to share our fears and concerns about the labor and delivery so I said I wasn't really worried about the labor but the hub is so that was the main reason we were there. Sounded like other soon-to-be dads felt the same way in the room.

Definitely didn't regret going - although you may want to ask my husband what he thought! First-time parents should take advantage of this type of class if available because being informed eliminates fear. Well, maybe...

At one point, hubby's hyperventilation through one of the birthing videos almost made me shake him. Yet, luckily for both of us, he seemed to pull it together once the vagina shots were said and done. I will admit seeing the placenta being delivered was trippy, but I'm glad I saw it. Now I'm almost thinking I might have the mirror down south when the baby is crowning, and I NEVER thought I would want to see that. But how often can you observe such a thing, especially when it's your own flesh and blood? And if hubby isn't going to, doesn't one of us need to witness it?

All joking aside, I do think hubby feels more informed and aware of what to anticipate. We learned a lot about the various stages of labor and what to do when - I'll try to share more of those insights later this week such as when to head to the hospital and different laboring positions. About 40 percent of the class was techniques on how to stay calm and relaxed throughout labor, and most were derived from yoga. Several meditation and breathing techniques were discussed plus most of the labor positions are asanas or yoga postures. So I feel really prepared on this front. Think I'm going to focus my personal yoga practice more on meditation and the postures that will help throughout labor like squatting, table and cat/cow.

Since it's "Meditation Monday," I'll share one of the meditations given during the class to prepare for the birth and to do while in labor.

Meditation to prepare for or during labor:
Imagine you are inside your uterus and can see your baby. Say hello to your baby and look deeply into your baby's eyes. Ask how he is doing. Continue talking with your baby as much as you'd like - perhaps sharing your hopes and dreams for him. Then give your baby a hug and kiss and tell him that you can't wait to meet him.


Clint said...

Do you know if they play music in the delivery room where you will be? When Addison was born, I know exactly what was on. Akon, "I wanna luv u". Our anesthesiologist said, "This baby is going to be gangsta!" Something you don't forget!

Yoga Mama said...

That's tooooooooo funny! I hope they don't have music over the intercom in the room! That'll stink if you can't control it. What hospital did your wife deliver? I'm going to OPMRC.

Clint said...

That is where it was. I think they just turned on 93.3 or something.

She had a C Section so it wasn't in one of the normal rooms. If you could pick one song to deliver to, what would it be?

Yoga Mama said...

I think I smell a subject of a blog post - thanks for the idea Clint. That's a really hard question. I'll dwell over it and maybe I'll come up with a good post tomorrow addressing your question.


Anonymous said...

Glad to hear the class was informative. It will help that 'fear of the unknown.' When I had my first, the nurses would tell me I was dilated to 2 or 5 or whereever I was, and I had no clue what that meant.

Nadine Fawell said...

I can't wait to be preggers soI can put all this great stuff you post into practice!


Yoga Mama said...

Thanks so much Nadine for the compliment. I'm glad the stuff I post is actually considered useful by others!! :) I really attribute having a wonderfully smooth pregnancy to yoga, and I'm excited to see how yoga will help me endure labor.

Sienna said...

really informative! after reading your blog, i think watching birthing video is really a must!

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